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Friends of Maziwe Newsletter

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Adopt a Turtle nest today!  A turtle nest adoption is a great birthday present for friends or family. Each adoption helps us to continue the turtle conservation project.

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The turtle conservation project has been a great success in 2012. Over 50 turtle nests from Maziwe Island have been relocated to Ushongo and over 5000 turtles hatched already.

Turtle Conservation 2012

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Turtle Conservation 2012 - Tanzania

2012 has been a very successful year for our turtle conservation project. Up to now 50 nests have been relocated from the inundated Maziwe Island to the two hatcheries in Ushongo. Over 5.000 turtles dashed already into the Indian Ocean and more are expected as 11 nests are still incubating. The mean hatching success is with 81,5% significantly higher than the years before and shows and important improvement working from a hatchery instead of a natural rockery. The mortality of juvenile and adult turtles has increased to last year from 22 to 24. Poaching and entanglement in fishing nets stay the biggest threat to the turtle population in the area.