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Friends of Maziwe Newsletter

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Adopt a Turtle nest today!  A turtle nest adoption is a great birthday present for friends or family. Each adoption helps us to continue the turtle conservation project.

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The turtle conservation project has been a great success in 2012. Over 50 turtle nests from Maziwe Island have been relocated to Ushongo and over 5000 turtles hatched already.

Turtle Conservation 2012

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Adopt a turtle nest

Maziwe (Marine Reserve) - Tanzania

Maziwe Island is one of the oldest Marine Reserves in Tanzania and is located about 8 km off the coast of Pangani. It was established in 1981 and given the status of a Marine Reserve (No -Take Zone) to protect the forest on the island as well as the important reef system surrounding the island. Maziwe Island was as well one of the most important breeding place for sea turtles in Tanzania.


Up to the late 1960s Maziwe was covered by a dense forest, which according to members of the local community was so lush, you could not get through the forest to the other side of the island. Many reasons exist for the disappearance of the trees; cutting them for firewood and building constructions, clearing the island for protection of spy's and even natural reason of erosion took place. Today Maziwe is a sand island, exposed during low tide and sadly even without the forest, the island has not lost its charm and beauty.     


The long reef slopes and beautiful coral gardens show an healthy ecosystem. A diversity of nearly 400 species of fish, genera of hard and soft corals, sponges and algae as well as shoreline birds have been identified. Recently a group of bird experts from Denmark counted 35.000-38.000 Terns roosting or passing Maziwe, among them the first Black Tern reported in Tanzania.


Maziwe can be visited by tourists; most lodges along the coast offer trips to the sand island. The Entrance fee for Maziwe Marine Reserve is 10 US$ (adult) and 5 US$ (kids). Friends of Maziwe is collecting  2.000 Shilling per visitor to support the conservation projects to protect the island and the surrounding reefs.  


When visiting Maziwe Island Marine Reserve (and any other marine areas) please follow the environmental friendly guidelines.      


1. Please do not step on corals as they break easily, watch your feet and fins at all time.

2. Please do not chase, touch and feed marine wildlife. Feeding fish or any other species can lead to them      becoming reliant upon the food source.

3. Please do not litter on the island and take all rubbish back home.

4. Please no not collect any shells or other dead or alive marine creatures.

5. Please do not anchor on the coral reef.