Friends of Maziwe - Ushongo / Pangani District - Tanzania

Learn more about our efforts to protect our coastal environment. Read what is happening in and around Ushongo / Pangani District in our Newsletters

Friends of Maziwe Newsletter

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Adopt a Turtle nest today!  A turtle nest adoption is a great birthday present for friends or family. Each adoption helps us to continue the turtle conservation project.

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The turtle conservation project has been a great success in 2012. Over 50 turtle nests from Maziwe Island have been relocated to Ushongo and over 5000 turtles hatched already.

Turtle Conservation 2012

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Adopt a turtle nest

This newsletter will bring you news and updates on the various projects happening along the Ushongo coast and the island itself. Maziwe is a Marine Reserve which supports a vibrant coral reef ecosystem and is a nesting ground for the Green turtle. We hope that this newsletter will help raise awareness and generate support for the coming years.

Friends of Maziwe Newsletters


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